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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

A form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the importance of finding new ways of thinking and behaving to deal with current problems, such as depression or anxiety.


Eye Movement  Desensitization  and Reprocessing (EMDR)

A set of standardized protocols that incorporate elements from many different treatment approaches and has been proven effective for the treatment of trauma. The client simultaneously experiences the distressing memory and the present context, thereby supporting a move toward health and wholeness, and the inner capacity to achieve it.


Schema Therapy

A structured and systematic sequence of assessment and treatment procedures which compassionately and empathically address specific coping styles within the individual. The individual and the therapist actively explore memories, emotions, cognitions and bodily sensations which have formed life themes or patterns.


Sensorimotor Therapy

A method that integrates cognitive, emotional, and sensorimotor (physical sensations) processing in the treatment of trauma. Trauma profoundly affects the body as well as emotions and cognitions; this integrative approach addresses all three dimensions.


Mindfulness Therapy

Focuses on gaining an awareness of emotions and behaviours in the present rather than in the past. Clients are encouraged to become aware of immediate needs and the most effective way of meeting them.


Existential Therapy

A method based on the belief that inner conflict within a person is due to that individual's confrontation with basic existence issues. These include: death, responsibility, isolation, and meaninglessness. The individual is invited to focus on the conditions of existence: emotions, actions, responsibilities, and thoughts.


Transpersonal Therapy

A method that seeks to balance the development of intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and creative expression aspects of a person's life. Thus, all six areas are addressed scholastically and therapeutically, and integration/balance is sought.

Effective therapeutic techniques

Unsure of how therapy will work for you?

Dr Nyna Talbot adopts a holistic approach, placing an emphasis on the whole person, acknowledging the body/mind connection. Therefore providing a range of therapies or therapy combinations dependant on your individual personal needs.

Therapeutic techniques:

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

• Eye Movement  Desensitization  and Reprocessing (EMDR)

• Schema Therapy

• Sensorimotor Therapy

• Mindfulness Therapy

• Existential Therapy

• Transpersonal Therapy

• Couples and Family Therapy

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